About Urban Red

Urban Red, Inc. is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization whose mission is to educate American citizens on the electoral process with an eye towards recruiting and equipping them to run for elected office.

Urban Red is building a national network of like-minded Conservatives to assist in identifying and recruiting principled Conservatives to run in down-ballot races throughout America. These candidates must have established their own credibility in their respective communities. We will use our extensive contacts within the Pastoral community nationwide to assist in identifying these candidates. Some of these candidates may have never run for office before. We will aid them in learning how to develop a winning campaign strategy, identify their base, develop a GOTV plan, and raise money. We are already in discussions with individuals who have expressed an interest in running for local office in several cities.

Historically, in urban areas, Conservatives have not been able to match the ground troops amassed by Democrats. Urban Red proposes to level the playing field by educating citizens on the importance of their involvement in the electoral process. 

By supporting local candidates, Urban Red will help build the “bench” Conservatives need to successfully move forward at the state and federal levels.